Ready to Throw Out Those Cigarettes, And Take Back Control Of Your Life?

Finally, an all-natural way to breathe easier, smell better, and BE THERE for your children/grandchildren...

How can a hypnotist help you stop smoking in just two sessions?  Watch this video to learn how:

Stop Smoking in Two Sessions with a LIFETIME Service Guarantee.

I’m confident I can help you to quit smoking. I’ve seen thousands of clients for hypnosis in more than 17 years professional experience, and this is what I do best.

This process includes a LIFETIME service guarantee, which means if you ever smoke or have a craving to smoke, just call or schedule online, and I will see you again for free.

How can I afford to give away free sessions? I track the success of my clients heavily, and only about five to ten percent of my clients feel they need the support of an extra session.

Put $3000 back in your pocket every year for the rest of your long, healthy life.

Get hypnotized to quit smoking. Clinical trials have proven hypnosis to have a success rate nearly TRIPLE that of so-called “conventional” methods like patches, pills, or gums.

What’s the difference? Together, you and I are going to combine the most advanced hypnosis techniques with a new ground-breaking neurological process to address the problem once and for all in the mind.

As soon as you walk in the door, we will get to work immediately to identify that issue, reverse it, and clear it from your system in such a way that you will immediately be able to validate the changes.

Here’s what to do next:

This process begins with you.

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Audio Testimonials for Smoking Hypnosis in Denver

"Just a Calm Feeling I Have Every Day...and I'm a Skeptical Person.."*

- Mark Gorman

*Disclaimer: individual results may vary

"I didn't think I could be hypnotized...but it was didn't dominate my mind like other times I tried to stop..."*

- Sharon Ridenour

*Disclaimer: individual results may vary

"It's Completely Changed My Life...I feel 100% better...after 3 plus months, it doesn't even bother me, and that's pretty amazing."*

- Natalie Kilkenny

*Disclaimer: individual results may vary

I was a smoker for over 30 years...but now, absolutely great feeling...*

- Jim Burton

*Disclaimer: individual results may vary

Listen to 50+ case studies. Here's What People Are Saying:

What happens during my session?

  • We will talk about the new reality you are ready to enjoy as a nonsmoker, free of the cigarettes for life. I will explain every step of this process to you before anything happens. I care about your well-being, and I want you to understand the science of how it works and why this this process is so effective. You feel completely comfortable, and excited to begin.
  • I will work with your neurological system for about 15 minutes. You don’t have a conscious problem. You didn’t consciously decide to get hooked on smoking. You have an unconscious problem holding onto the cigarettes deep within your mental, physical, and emotional system.

    The fact that you’re reading this website means that, up until we meet, your system wants to keep you smoking. As an immediate result of the work we’ll do together, your own body will indicate that the problem has been cleared from your system. Many of my clients tell me they already knew they were a nonsmoker even before you sit in the chair for the hypnosis.
  • We will address and eradicate your old smoking habit from all angles. You will experience an evidence-based profound hypnotic experience specifically designed for you to help you throw out the cigarettes and take back control of your life.

    Your part of this is easy. To the surprise of my clients, it can also be a lot of fun. Respectfully, this shit doesn’t have to be complicated anymore. So relax. You will sit in a comfy recliner, and it will be just like listening to me tell you a story. You will be awake and alert the entire time. You will be completely in control. You will remember everything clearly.
  • When you open your eyes, it will be like before you ever smoked. Even if someone blows smoke in your face, it won't bother you a bit. You will be a non-smoker!
  • You will be a raving fan of the process. The majority of my stop smoking clients come in by way of referral because of the immediate effects and long-term outcomes you will notice as you’re now free of the cigarettes for life.

Here’s what to do next:

This process begins with you.

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MORE Testimonials for Smoking Hypnosis in Denver

"I couldn't stand that it was making decisions for me...after the session my major triggers just disappeared...I could a really long time without thinking about it..."*

- Barry Squire

*Disclaimer: individual results may vary

"...Haven't smoked, haven't wanted to smoke, people around me can't believe I'm not smoking...what's nice is that I haven't been nasty like the other times I tried to stop..."*

- Harry Jonason

*Disclaimer: individual results may vary

...I was skeptical because I have done this kind of thing before...but now I'm really committed to being a non-smoker, and that's an amazing statement from someone who's smoked for a very long time..."*

- Steve H.

*Disclaimer: individual results may vary

"The urge to put the cigarette in my mouth is gone...doesn't even bother me when I'm out with friends..."*

- Gary Fieldman

*Disclaimer: individual results may vary

Watch MORE Client Case Studies:

Here’s what to do next:

This process begins with you.

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Here's Even MORE Testimonials for Smoking Hypnosis in Denver

"I was a little skeptical, but my mind was changed for sure...It was quicker, it was easier..."

-Charles (Chase) Stevens

*Disclaimer: individual results may vary

It was like a part of me disappeared, but I'm really glad to be rid of that part..."*

- Bethany F.

*Disclaimer: individual results may vary

"I was expecting some withdrawls, but I didn't have any of was like I never was very easy..."*

- Mike Poulson

*Disclaimer: individual results may vary

"I was at my wit's end, but I found it incredibly helpful to help me..."*

- Kat Turner

*Disclaimer: individual results may vary

18 years of EXTENSIVE results. Watch EVEN MORE:


Not All Hypnotherapists Are Created Equally

Unfortunately, many people think that all hypnosis is the same wherever you go. That is simply not true.

Basically, almost 100% of other hypnotists in the area are merely using direct suggestion, which is what you think of when you think hypnosis: suggestions like, "You hate cigarettes, you hate the way they make you feel, etc."

The problem with this approach is: if you're not doing an interactive process, then, you're simply not dealing with the real problem of smoking when you're stressed, when you're bored, etc.

It's sort of like chopping off weeds at the surface, as opposed to taking care of the roots, the real problem, not just the symptom. We help take care of the REAL problem, how you RELATE to cigarettes, your deep subconscious beliefs about them.

This is what separates our unique process from everyone else out there.

But What About Cravings? Is Hypnosis Effective Against That?

Let's ask a different question. How many people do you think come to us with an addiction to the patch or gum? Almost none!

The explanation is like this: the physical addiction is fed by the psychological one! Once you take care of one, the other goes away automatically.

Nearly all of our clients tell us it's almost completely a non-issue. We also give you real, practical, hands-on tools and exercises to help deal with those.

Listen to MORE Audio Testimonials for Smoking Hypnosis in Denver

"I have to say I was a skeptic...but I'm very surprised at the whole process, and I would recommend it to anyone.."*

-Leon Judware

*Disclaimer: individual results may vary

"Very helpful for me..."*

- Dan Loeffler

*Disclaimer: individual results may vary

18 years experience. 1100+ non-smokers. Watch even MORE:

Here’s what to do next:

This process begins with you.

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